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  • To my dad, and what a gift I was given to be born under his shining star!

    Ha! He wasn't always this great sage in his younger years. As kids, he traveled a lot but he always brought back a small present for both of us girls. He missed a lot of my concerts and plays and this was before videos. And, he never bought me a pony! LOL That said, he was ALWAYS there for me to inspire, consult, and give me grand aspirations. One time he said I'd make a fine ballerina. This was before we figured out I couldn't tell my right from my left.

    Dad, as many will attest, is the most spiritual person we know, except for The Universe and the Angels and the Man Upstairs. He is a learned man with his studies in all things spiritual to include many religions.

    We left Colorado in 2005, and with that, we left Dad. The distance proved to be no challenge for us as we'd visit Colorado often and Dad flew down here to the desert many times. Another visit to come, he insists and I believe him! Dad began presenting 'Bud's Stuff' to our growing circle of desert friends and you can well imagine, our friends are now his friends as he brought them all into his heart as they brought Bud into their hearts. This eclectic group included devout Catholics, atheists, and Jews. It mattered not. A stranger is a friend Bud hasn't yet met.

    Dad gifted me a biggie, although he was unaware at the time. I have written and published several books in the genre of suspense and thrillers. For over two years I wanted to write something more inspirational and even whimsical. I just lacked a story! On his last visit, Dad flew down here but had left behind his cane at home. He wanted to get to the airport. Staff assisted him with a wheelchair to his gate and he was early. Another thing he taught me! The ticket counter wasn't open but a woman stood behind the desk. Dad approached her and asked if anywhere in this huge airport a vendor might have canes. She said she'd been there for ten years and didn't know of any. Dad politely thanked her and turned away when the woman called back to him. She went into the small galley storage behind the desk and pulled out a cane that had been left behind for months. With this story became my The Traveling Cane, which finds himself at the right place at the right time for a person in need. And guess what? The cane can communicate with his charges! It's written in the first person of the cane. Thank you, Dad! More to come with OUR cane.

    Dad is my mentor. My support. My inspiration. Although I would have once thought I would like to be born under the family of a tycoon, my life is FAR MORE RICHER with Dad in my life.

    You can call me Paula. Most call me Lala. For Dad, I am his La-Wog. He always called me Pollywog, which then became Wog!

  • Bud.

    In the ear[y 70's you came into our lives through Dr Bob Barkley who was my inspiration for Preventive Dentistry to truly saving teeth.

    Over 30 years you were my mentor, coach, and dear friend. You were a key factor to assure my role to have a quality practice. Your guidance in Participative management allowed us to have a team that was enjoyable and productive. We looked forward to having you with us at our office as well as attending seminars that you gave with other offices. Through your guidance we developed a philosophy that was beneficial for the team as well as the friends we cared for.

    Bud you have been a gift for us and we truly thank you. -Our Love,

    Don & Mary Lou Vollmer

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