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Mark your appreciation and gratitude for Bud Ham who has stage four stomach cancer but continues to positively contribute to the quality of so many lives. Let him know how much he's meant to you and how he's impacted your life through your relationship with him or the books and writings he produced.

Bud was born on a ranch near Carbondale, Colorado. After serving in the U.S. Marine Corps, he went to work for Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph in Colorado Springs. Today, Bud is author of several books on Amazon.

Bud's involvement as a platform speaker, consultant to private businesses and public institutions, author, and executive coach on the topics of management, leadership, and trust-based relationships goes back many years. He also sponsored personal and spiritual growth groups and wilderness adventure seminars for businesses and health professionals.

He refers to himself not as one with answers, but one who can help his clients and friends identify their alternatives and maximally utilize all of their resources, including spiritual resources, in their professional and personal lives. 

He is a devoted family man, a hunter, an avid fly-fisherman, a gardener, a horseman, an author and a poet.

Email: bud.budham@gmail.com

Phone: 303-885-4661


  • Bud Ham is my Father-in-Law. My wife is his daughter. He not only accepted me as part of the family he celebrated my proposal to his beloved daughter, Lala.

    Over the 35 years that I've known Bud I have learned so much from his stories and lectures. He has been an inspiration in my life by his own example. Bud is a spiritual man with wisdom beyond anything I could have imagined. He has always been at peace with God and the universe and I admire him for all he's shared with me.

    I love this man and I pray for his recovery from the awful disease he is experiencing.

    When you ask Bud how he's doing he cheerfully answers..."Magdamnificent" Bless you my friend.


  • That's Bud. Magdamnificent forever and a day!

  • Bud,

    When I think of you—I smile! You are a man of reflection and experience, a sage.

    Whenever you come to town it is a blessing to be in your presence because you impart such wisdom and understanding to those in your midst.

    Thank you for always being so willing to share all that has been given to you by God. It is His will that you “let your light shine among men”. And you my friend do this. Well done good and faithful servant! May God continue to bless you richly.


    Darrelle Parrish Bakeman

    LaLa and Chuck’s friend in Tucson

  • BUD,

    You have been a lifelong inspiration to me and the reason why I wrote this poem "FRIENDSHIP" in the 1980's at a Rocky Mountain Rendezvous event. BUD we thank you for "Spearheading" the development of RMR along with your wife JUDY and her outstanding Management Skills as well as your daughter Jandy - all of you devoted countless hours for its success. For Dentists/Spouses/Family/Team from all over the US & Canada. Bud you were the "key" in knowing who the best Authors and presenters were. Anyway at one of these events in Keystone CO one afternoon at a workshop we had an assignment. We took a pad of paper & a pen and we were to go out in the mountain are by OURSELVES and draw or write anything we wanted. Well BUD, I had never done anything like that before. It was very peaceful listening to the wind going through the trees and the sounds of a stream far away. Then BUD I had thoughts of you and all that you meant to me. I thought about who you were, you are "FRIENDSHIP" you are GIVING / LOVE / for EVERYONE.

    I have been blessed to have your friendship.

    Don Vollmer


    by Don Vollmer

    Something very Special within ourselves

    is to allow us to be giving

    When this special feeling is shared

    we can truly enjoy Living

    Giving oneself to others

    Helps make us all Brothers

    A Special Love,


  • Bud,

    It was my special honor to be one of your Angels. Our little group of Bud's Angels went on many retreats together in the CO mountains. Our first one was a retreat in Keystone where we all shared and you dispensed your many words of wisdom. We spent time in cabins at the YMCA in Estes and our most famous one was when we all packed in on horses to a hunting camp high in the Rocky Mountains. We all slept in tents. The most famous one was when three of us teamed to sleep in the pee tent. That was because we all needed to take a trip up the hill in the night and we didn't want to go alone. We laughed together, played together, grew together, cried together. We trusted and we were all better for the experience. Thank you for the experience from the bottom of my heart.

    One of Bud's Angels,

    Mary Lou Vollmer

  • Such great memories Bud of all our many times together. RMR, the team retreat you helped us with, the hours of chit-chat that lead to great personal change and great dental improvement, the spiritual group you guided for guys at Keystone, so many great memories. We are good prayers, we love our fellow man better, our faith has increased, and for these things and many of our good qualities you have been a spark to help us grow. You are held in a lofty place in our hearts, as a friend, a mentor, and a hero. We are so sad to learn that you have been offered such a difficult challenge at this time. Please know we are and we will continue to send our love and prayers your way. Hope that helps. Thanks for being our friend,

    Love you forever,

    Rod and Jeannie Koleno

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